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The Villa Medica 4 Days / 3 Nights Cell Therapy Package consists of full-board accommodation, personalised cell injections, detoxification and oxygen therapy. Receive round-the-clock care at our relaxing and secluded German retreat.

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Heart Failure Treatment


Villa Medica Cell Therapy has the ability to not only home in on the damaged areas of the heart but also to initiate a cascade of biological events which act as a catalyst in healing the heart muscle. Our carefully selected cells repair the damaged heart tissue caused by congestive heart failure and heart attacks.

Regardless of significant breakthroughs in the understanding of the pathologic mechanisms of the diseases, most of the readily available therapies continue to be at best palliative, since the issue of cardiac cells damaged or loss has actually not yet been attended to.

Undoubtedly, most conventional therapy options aim to restrict scar formation as well as adverse ventricular remodeling, but fail to offer direct tissue or cell repair and myocardial regeneration.

However, with the advancement of today’s medical sciences, alternative options, particularly Cell Therapy, has emerged as a novel focal point for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Cell Therapy is fast becoming the 21st century approach to treating CVDs and is gaining momentum worldwide. This approach entails the transplantation of healthy and functional cells to boost the renewal of damaged cells and repair injured tissue. 

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