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Combating Critical Limb Ischemia With Cell Therapy

Cell Therapy For Critical Limb Ischemia

Critical Limb Ischemia - CLI

Critical Limb Ischemia – CLI Symptoms are a combination of ischemic rest pain, arterial inflammatory ulcers and gangrene.


Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) is a progressed stage of Pulmonary Artery Disease (PAD). The condition causes a severe occlusion in the arteries of the lower body parts that leads to the reduction in blood flow.

The pain emanating from CLI usually occurs when the patient is resting.

Circulation in the feet and legs is vital on a daily basis since any form of hindrance would lead to prolonged healing of wounds, and if not treated in a timely fashion, then amputation is inevitable, or it can lead to a significant disability of a person.

To date, almost 12% of the populations suffers from CLI, but they are unaware. 


Could Cell Therapy Help With Critical Limb Ischemia?

Can Cell Therapy provide a window of opportunity to treat CLI effectively?

As of now, surgical procedures and lifestyle modification are the only available interventions that can prevent CLI.

As a result, new strategies are vital in providing these patients with a viable treatment.

Villa Medica - 3 Steps Of Cell Therapy: Protect, Repair & Regenerate

3 Steps Of Cell Therapy: Protect existing cells, Repair damaged cells and tissues & Regenerate – to promote and stimulate cell regeneration process

Thanks to the able researchers as they are continuously investigating possible molecular targets which could ensure pharmaceuticals are developed not only to prevent but also to treat critical limb ischemia.

So far, there are over 50 clinical studies being carried out focusing on treating peripheral artery disease.

The next stage of the studies will focus solely on CLI and other degenerative conditions, and the impact cell therapy will have on their treatment.

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Critical Limb Ischemia Symptoms

CLI symptoms depend on its occurrence area and how blood interruption happened.

Villa Medica - Critical Limb Ischemia CLI - Infographic

Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) Facts : Critical Limb Ischemia is an advanced stage of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). Symptoms are a combination of ischemic rest pain, arterial inflammatory ulcers and gangrene. CLI patients face a high likelihood of major limb amputation and painful medical procedures.

For instance, if the limbs were the first affected area, earliest indications may include claudication – it is severe pain associated with muscle cramping and burning when exercising but disappears with rest. 

A consistent reduction of blood flow in the extremities causes permanent tissue damage.

The pain coming from this condition is described as “rest pain” because it mostly occurs when asleep or resting.

When it happens, the pain can be relieved temporarily by walking around or hanging the foot over the bed.

In the heart, CLI can cause angina (exertion of chest pain that goes away with rest).

Heart attacks have been reported in some cases; hence, immediate medical attention is required.

Risk Factors

Risk factors for CLI are similar as those of atherosclerosis such as narrowing and hardening of arteries due to fat build up.

Mostly they occur because of:

If you suspect you may have CLI, it is imperative to seek medical attention.

As much as the diagnosis could be the same as that of PAD, the treatment process could take longer.

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