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Combining personalise care and medical expertise the Villa Medica experience begins even before your arrival and it does not end when you leave.

Based on your individual profile, you will benefit from our personalise care catered to your every needs.

Our professional medical team, with more than 50 years of experience, will make sure you get the most out of your Cell Therapy. However, Villa Medica is not only a medical center. It is a premium destination where we cater to our clients’ every comfort.

The comfortable rooms, healthy cuisine and pristine surroundings make it the perfect retreat in which to relax and recover.

4 Days / 3 Nights Cell Therapy Package

The Villa Medica 4 Days / 3 Nights Cell Therapy Package consists of full-board accommodation, personalised cell injections, detoxification and oxygen therapy. Receive round-the-clock care at our relaxing and secluded German retreat.

Your Health Is Our Priority

Villa Medica Cell Therapy Utilises Whole Tissue/ Organ Cells

The cell therapies offered in the market today consist of cell extracts or dry cells that are less effective when compared to administering the entire whole cell intact.
Cell Therapy

The Difference

Why Choose Villa Medica?

Villa Medica is a premium destination clinic in Germany for cell therapy with an all-encompassing facilities under one roof. Patients would have round the clock medical supervision within a relaxing environment and the cells are prepared and injected within the same facility.

Villa Medica is a licensed hospital establishment with its flock of Merino sheep bred in pollution free environments under stringent regulated conditions. The source of our cells is certified safe.

The entire procedure controlled at each stage of breeding and processing conform to the latest GMP Guidelines of the European Union. This ensures the highest degree of bioactivity and purity, making it the safest and most effective cell therapy available.

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