Cell Therapy Safety Standards: Natural, Safe And Effective
Villa Medica

Cell Therapy Safety Standards: Natural, Safe And Effective

Cell Therapy Safety Standards & Quality

  • Villa Medica’s Cell Therapy uses sheep cells harvested from a closed colony flock of Merino country sheep donors that are specially selected, stringently tested and approved as being free from diseases and viruses. Villa Medica’s medical flock are in compliance with the GMP Standards Of The European Union. It is strictly governed and continuously updated to comply with state-of-the-art standards and regulation.
  • Villa Medica is a licensed hospital establishment that has its flock of sheep ( Merino country breed ) bred in pollution free environments. We are able to verify and certify the source of our cells.
  • Stringent measures and strict supervision are imposed in the selection and breeding process.
  • The pre-tested sheep are specially escorted and transported in accordance with the Animal Protection Act to Villa Medica for the cell harvesting and preparation by highly trained technical specialists in a GMP compliant surgery unit which ensured the cells are FREE of clinical and serological zoonosis.
  • The entire procedure controlled at each stage of breeding and processing conform to the latest GMP guidelines of the European Union. This ensure the highest degree of bioactivity and purity without any preservatives in all cells injectant used by Villa Medica, making it the safest and most effective when applied.
  • Dr. Burkhard Aschhoff holds the distinction of being one of the few remaining doctors in Germany who can and is authorised to produce fresh cells and has been practicing cell therapy for over 25 years.
  • Villa Medica’s Cell Therapy utilises only whole tissue/ organ cells. The cell therapies offered in the market today consist of cell extracts or dry cells that are less potent/active and effective when compared to administering the entire whole cell intact.
  • Villa Medica is a destination clinic in Germany for cell therapy with an all-encompassing facilities under one roof. Patients would have round the clock medical supervision within a luxurious environment and the cells are prepared and injected within the same facility.

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