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Cell Therapy Indications: Best Managed Medical Conditions

Cell Therapy Indications

Cell Therapy can be used for many different illnesses. Be it for Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation or to address Autoimmune Diseases, we underline a few of the most known and best managed conditions with Cell Therapy:

General Immune Deficiences

> Multiple Sclerosis
> Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)


> Hay fever
> Urticaria
> Allergic skin reactions

Hormonal Disorders

> Sexual dysfunctions
> Sexual Health and Infertility
> Menstrual disorders
> Menopausal disorders
> Growth Disorder
> Obesity
> Diabetes Mellitus

Heart & Circulatory

> Post-heart attacks
> Strokes & Circulatory problems of the brain
> Coronary arteries
> Extremities
> Dizziness
> Tinnitus
> Vascular calcification

Villa Medica - Cell Therapy Explained - Infographic

Cell Therapy is an old treatment modality which involves implantation of living cells for treatment of diseases.

Genetic & Development Dysfunctions In Children

> Down’s Syndrome
> Infantile brain damage
> Brain damage due to infections and vaccinations, accidents and poisoning


> Anti-Aging & Rejuvenation
> Diminishing Vigor
> Exhaustion
> Sleeping Problems
> Lack Of Concentration
> Forgetfulness
> Anxiety

Chronic or Degenerative Disease

> Kidney Problems, Chronic Kidney Disease
> Digestive Problems
> Gallbladder or Pancreatic Disorders
> Chronic Constipation
> Chronic Liver Disease
> Intervertebral, Spinal and Joint Problems

Neurological Disorders

> Depression
> Psychosis
> Alzheimer’s disease
> Parkinson’s disease

Who Will Not Benefit From Cell Therapy

Instances When Cell Therapy Is NOT Advised:

  • Patients with acute infections
  • Advanced kidney disease (on dialysis)
  • Pregnancy
  • Generally, those who are seriously ill and bed-ridden (those seeking Cell Therapy as a “last hope”)

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