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Cell Therapy History: The Foundation Of Cell Therapy

Principle Of Cell Therapy

The underlying principle of Cellular Therapy, also known as Cell Therapy is similis similibus curantur (likes are cured by likes), best described by the 16th century physician Paracelsus:

heart heals the heart, lung heals lung, spleen heals spleen; like cures like” – Paracelsus

This underlying principle of like heals like is the basic foundation of stem cell therapy and is the basis of its success at Villa Medica. This principle underpins the knowledge that all human and animal organ cells have the same basic plan, structures and functions.

This means that cells from a particular organ from a donor animal can be administered to the ailing person for treatment of the same organ. Due to this synchronicity between animal and human cells, there is little risk of immune reactions or adverse side effects.

Historical Background

The birth of modern day cell therapy occurred in 1931 in Switzerland. Prof. Dr Paul Niehans (1882-1971) a Swiss physician, who already had a reputation for successfully transplanting animal glands and organs into human patients, was called in to assist a surgical emergency. During an operation on a patient’s thyroid gland, a colleague had accidently removed the parathyroid glands.

The surgeon requested that Prof. Dr Niehans perform a parathyroid transplant to save the patient’s life. On arriving at the hospital however, the patient’s condition had deteriorated so badly that a transplant could not save the patient, there was not enough time.

Instead, Prof. Dr Niehans cut the animal parathyroid gland into very small pieces (to retain the cells intact rather than crushing it which would destroy the cells) and once mixed with a saline solution, injected the mixture into the fatally ill patient.

The results were instantaneous – the patient’s severe convulsions ceased and her condition rapidly improved. Prof. Dr Niehans assumed that the healing effect would be short lived and that the treatment would need to be repeated, but that was not needed. The patient lived on for another 25 years with no ill effects from the cell therapy.

Prof. Dr. Niehans became known as the father of modern day cell therapy or live cell therapy. During his career, Prof. Dr. Niehans had successfully administered Cell Therapy to thousands of patients worldwide for more than 30 years.
Emperors, crowned heads of state, politicians and movie stars were among his famous patients of whom the most notable was Pope Pius XII who inducted him into the Papal Academy of Science and at that time making him the second to receive such an honour after Sir Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin.

Scientific Basis Of Cellular Regeneration

1999 Nobel Medicine Prize winner Professor Gunter Blobel, Germany discovered that the signal recognition protein is able to determine the cell transfer, positioning and function.

Cell Therapy is administered to the human body intravenously; targeting the essence/cell extracts of animal donors to the ailing part of the body. The injected cells carry biological markers that are transferred through protein signals thereby homing in on organs requiring repair and regeneration in the human recipient.

It has been found that the transfer of a particular tissue or organ from mammal to mammal is not species-specific due to cell communication mechanics where repair signals are transmitted by way of recognition factors that trigger the body’s own healing mechanism.

Cell Therapy Today

Cellular Therapy has a proven high success rate for the treatment of a wide range of diseases. It is the most comprehensive and holistic approach to health maintenance and anti-aging presently available.

It is also the only process in the world proven to be safe and effective in slowing the aging process and helping regain your youth via:

  • Improvements in skin tone and complexion,
  • A reduction in wrinkles,
  • Stabilization of mental power,
  • An increase in vitality, energy levels and physical power.

Today, after hundreds of thousands of Cell injections, more than 2,000 scientific publications and innumerable laboratory experiments, it is undeniable that Cell Therapy regenerates, revitalizes and often cures, even where orthodox medicine has failed.

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