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Infertility: When Parenthood Remains Elusive

Sexual Health in Managing Infertility

Infertility is a prevalent medical and social condition, undoubtedly considered today as a new disease. The World Health Organisation [1] estimates that nearly 80 million people or 15% of couples experience fertility problems worldwide.

The infertile female population is increasing, and is apparently related to multiple endocrine dysfunctions also associated to correlated lifestyle habits and a number of pathophysiological conditions.

Villa Medica - Sexual Health, Infertility Facts

Sexual Health, Infertility Facts – Infertility is not just a female problem

Don’t underestimate the frustrating stress that couples who are experiencing this problem have to deal with, endless uncertainties and not much of a solution in sight. Failure to conceive after a year is a common condition today, reported by 1 in 6 couples.

Being diagnosed with it indicates the start of a series of investigations and seeking possible treatments.

Infertility Treatment for Both Men and Women With Cell Therapy

Most couples seek medical intervention to address the debilitating condition instead of leaving it to fate. Modern treatments have been developed over the decades, ranging from simple oral medications to more complex treatments, such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) [2] , egg donation, pregnancy surrogacy, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) [3]  and so forth. IVF remains the most common treatment and have help reduce the diffusion of the infertility condition thus far.

However, the field of reproductive medicine in tandem with regenerative medicine is recently undergoing a rapid evolution in utilizing novel therapeutic approaches through cell therapies. Emerging evidences remain optimistic in contributing to the cell therapy solution in addressing infertility.

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Cell Therapy is an old treatment modality which involves implantation of living cells for treatment of diseases.

Just as with IVF, Cell Therapy gives an alternative hope to many deserving couples as a potentially new therapeutic proxy for the treatment of infertility.

Due to the innate regenerative and self renewal capacity, cell therapy are thus suitable to help manage endocrine disorders due to premature ovarian failure, as well as in restoring the hormonal balance in postmenopausal age.

Men would also benefit with the regenerative potential of cell therapy to enhance vitality and sperm quality.

What Is Infertility?

Infertility is the inability to conceive or the inability to carry a pregnancy to full-term.
Doctors may offer a whole new language of medical terms but it still boils down to feelings of inadequacy and failure, which usually lead to stress and depression.

Sexual Health Facts - Studies suggest that men live longer in direct proportion to the frequency of sex, while women live longer in direct proportion to the quality of sex.

Sexual Health Facts – Studies suggest that men live longer in direct proportion to the frequency of sex, while women live longer in direct proportion to the quality of sex.

Knowing more about it helps to address and deal with the condition. Pregnancy results when a woman’s egg is fertilised by a man’s sperm. Any interference before during or after this process may cause infertility.

Most believe that the issue always falls on the woman. Truth is, in most cases, can be due to problems with the man, the woman, or a combination of both factors, and even sometimes due to unknown causes.

Causes And Risk Factors

Male infertility is often associated with problems of the sperm. It could be caused by genetics or may be developed through injury or illness. Sperm count and sperm production are also affected by lifestyle choices. Alcohol, drugs, and environmental toxins can temporarily reduce sperm quality and cause infertility in men.

For women, ovulation disorders account for most of the infertility condition. Just like with men, lifestyle factors, such as stress, diet, or excessive exercise, can affect a woman’s hormonal balance. In rare cases, serious medical problem or illness can cause ovulation problems.

Age is also a defining factor in female infertility. Other problems such as blocked fallopian tubes can also cause infertility and may even result in pelvic inflammatory disease known as endometriosis, or an ectopic pregnancy.


Couples who dream of having their own family may find it frustrating that after trying for a long time, the dream remains far from becoming a reality. Infertility has blocked the path to a fulfilling life, of motherhood or fatherhood.

Sexual and reproductive health is an important part of life. Without it, many would consider it to be a valuable loss of life itself. While infertility is predominantly a medical issue, it is however psychologically devastating as well.

When it comes to infertility, medical intervention seems justifiable and the emergence of cell therapy is acceptable today as a promising remedy.


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