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Autism Spectrum Disorder: Inside The Autistic Mind

Autism / ASD – Facts And Figures

Autism Spectrum Disorder (also known as ASD) is becoming an alarming global burden being the fastest growing developmental disorder in the world.

An estimated average of 1 in 160 children has ASD worldwide.

Surprisingly most of the highest rates are indicated among the most developed countries in the world. Also, ASD is far more likely to affect boys than girls, a fact that still remains unexplained.

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Autism – ASD Facts: Autism is on the rise. 1% of the world population has Autism Spectrum Disorder

However, one could argue that this apparent statistic increase could possibly be due to improving awareness, expansion of diagnostic criteria, better diagnostic tools and improve reporting.

Despite better awareness and the substantial impact on the lives of the diagnosed children, family and communities, the cure for autism still remains a mystery.


Mental Complexity And Challenges

Autism is a myriad of complex conditions that begins early in childhood and continuing on into adolescence and adulthood.

While some can remain independent, others tend to be afflicted with acute disabilities and require life-long care and constant support.

Villa Medica - Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder refers to a complex range of conditions characterised by abnormalities in communication and impaired social interactions

Recently, ASD has been classified as a whole-body disorder that includes complications such as seizures, gastrointestinal disorders, sleep disturbances, eating and feeding challenges, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety disorders, depression and bipolar disorder.

As indicated in its name, ASD – meaning it caters to a vast spectrum of afflictions and in varying degree.

So much so, that each autistic patient presents unique challenges, as well as strengths.

Not one autism is the same, making this an added challenge when defining its treatment and support.

Often times due to the mental complexity and challenges, those affected by ASD are faceing the issues of stigma, discrimination, human rights violations, inadequate support and inaccessibility to proper health services.


Promising Advancements In Medical Research

Today, medical research under the realms of genetic study has made promising advancements into the neurobiological causes of autism-associated health and mental conditions.

This new avenue targets the identification and familiarisation of the many biological subtypes of autism and ultimately developing personalised treatments and supports.

Autism: Always Unique Totally Interesting Sometimes Mysterious

Autism / ASD

Two common denominator from findings associated with ASD are diminished oxygenation in specific areas of the brain and a chronic immunologically mediated inflammatory condition in the gut. In light of these, Cell Therapies have been flag as a promising tool for the treatment of autism based on the innate regenerative ability of live cells to positively impact metabolism and the immune system, and to restore damaged cells and tissues, typically the body’s organs and systems, starting with the brain.

This leads to an improvement of the impaired neurological system through the regeneration and restoration of the brain cells, consequently, to the reduction of neurological symptoms and to improved mental capacity.


Cell Therapy – For A More Powerful Result

Cell Therapy proves safe and effective especially when treating autistic children of different degrees and spectrums at an earlier age as observed in clinical practice.

The earlier the intervention, the better the results.

Cell Therapy offers new hope to the parents and patients concerned for a better quality of life.

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Standard therapies of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), verbal behavior language, therapy and speech therapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, sensory integration and auditory training are also mandatory in combination with Cell Therapy for a more powerful result.

Special education, proper parental care, healthy nutrition and other supporting therapies such as detoxification are also necessary to better improve the outcome further.


What Is Autism?

Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder refers to a complex range of conditions characterised by abnormalities in communication and impaired social interactions.

Villa Medica - Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) - Infographic Effects Of Autism Boys vs Girls

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) – Effects Of Autism Boys vs Girls

Each autistic person is unique consisting of not one type but a spectrum of subtypes, triggered by genetic and environmental factors, and supplemented with associated medical conditions such as GI disorders, seizures, anxiety disorders, depression and sleep disorders.

The most challenging aspect of autism is the inability for self-expression and associations with others.


Most common Symptoms

Generally, symptoms would surface in the first 2 years of the child’s life and well into adulthood.

Autistic children are less likely to exhibit social understanding, initiate conversation spontaneously and communicate appropriately.

They prefer to be isolated from friends as making and maintaining friendships often prove to be difficult for them.

Autistic children could develop delayed onset of babbling, unusual gestures, diminished responsiveness and vocal patterns.

They may have difficulty with imaginative play and with developing symbols into language.



Autistic children also display many forms of restricted or repetitive behavior.

Communication and bonding between children and parents suffer greatly too.

More and more researches are in place today to bring out new treatments and supporting care to improve the quality of life for these autism-affected children.


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