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Cell Therapy Efficacy: Therapeutic And Regenerative Effects


Cell Therapy has a long and deep history. It regenerates your old and damaged cells and reinvigorates them with imprinted DNA and RNA from active donor cell materials. Your defence and immune systems are enhanced, resulting in the replication of fully functioning and undamaged cells. Your aging body is rejuvenated and the signs of aging and disease are reduced.

Regenerative Therapy is composed of injections of active cell from donor animals. It is naturally safe and effective.

As this is an all-natural treatment, the cell therapy effects need to be maintained. In order to experience continuous rejuvenative effects of the treatment as well as its curative effects, it is advised that cell therapy be repeated once a year or as advised by our physician according to your condition and needs.

Long-Term Effects:

  • Depending on the individual’s lifestyle, diet, environment and specific conditions, the efficacy of a successful course of cell therapy may last for months or years.
  • Usually patients are able to achieve the desired effects after a single treatment; nevertheless, Villa Medica Physicians may recommend Tailor-Made Programs to patients in order to aim at specific preventive or curative results, or simply to further improve the therapy’s effectiveness.

The following is a general outline of your treatment at Villa Medica. Immediately after the injection, the therapy works in 3 distinct phases:

  • PHASE 1 : First Day
    The cellular components are absorbed into the blood stream which often results in immediate increased vitality and improvement in the patient’s overall condition. However, it is only a short-term improvement which wears off after a few hours or a day at the latest.
  • PHASE 2 : First 2 Weeks
    This phase is categorized as a stage of immunobiological reactions where some patients may feel fatigued or undergo a temporary period of emotional aggravation. This may last an average of two weeks. There are, however, patients whose bodies accept the cell materials without any reactions and they soon feel the desired effects. The more the organism needs the implanted cell materials, the less does it react.
  • PHASE 3 : Third Week to 6 Months
    Also known as the regeneration stage, it begins during the third or fourth week and lasts from 4–6 months. During this time, the curative effect aimed at by the treatment becomes evident with the patient feeling revitalized and an improvement in the general state of health.



Cell Therapy is a simple and uncomplicated therapy with virtually no side-effects if administered by well-qualified and experienced physicians under the highest standards of quality and safety. It must be performed in strict accordance to regulations pertaining to hygiene and to the upkeep and examination of the donor animals to ensure they are in perfect health besides preventing contagious diseases from being passed from donor animal to the patient.


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