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Case Studies: Cell Therapy – A Retrospective Study 2017

Cell Therapy Results And Case Studies

Apart from Rejuvenating Therapies, we also treat patients with numerous other illnesses. In the past years we have seen an increase in the treatment of genetic defects. In this retrospective case study of our patients we compiled a case studies report of the results of the therapy over the past years.

We collected data on 50318 patients over the last 13 years, to which 45228 (89%) replied to our questionnaire. 90.8% were satisfied with the therapy results.

Villa Medica - Cell Therapy: Results and Case Studies

Cell Therapy: Results And Case Studies

The last multicentre case studies report carried out by the German Association for Cell Therapy, led by V. W. Rahlfs in Munich, which was published in “info pharma” in the January 200 edition, showed excellent results. 452 patients were asked. The conclusion of the study was:

The prospective observation study showed that in the list of complaints as well as the general well being there was a clear decrease of the median and unity percentile scale (0 – 100), the 97.5% trust margin was very narrow in the higher case numbers, which allows for a very precise study. The proven medical effect is not only statistically high, but also the medical relevance. On the other hand, the documented risk is very low. The application-risk ratio is positive. Particularly when taking the age and the link to degenerative conditions of the typical target groups into consideration, as there are only very few therapeutic alternatives.”

Cell Therapy Case Studies

Within these case studies you will find ideas and inspiration for everyone seeking regenerative treatment for a wide range of conditions.   I would like to undermine this with some positive case studies:

  1. A 50 year old Taiwanese woman came to us seeking anti-aging treatment.
    She seemed tired and weak. Her skin was like wax and she was bloated. She received cell therapy. She returned a year later, was lively and chirpy, her skin was glowing, she looked more youthful and was full of life.
    Her comments on the success of the therapy:
    “…when I first arrived here, I was tired, listless, and fat and had no energy and no partner. Today I’m fit, full of life, have lost weight and have found a boyfriend.
  2. A Tunisian friend and colleague approached me about his daughter, a plastic surgeon.
    She had been married to a heart specialist for 7 years and was unhappy about being childless. I enquired about the reasons. Apparently his son-in-law has a low sperm count. I recommended cell therapy for infertility. His son-in-law came for treatment and a year later my colleague’s daughter gave birth to a healthy girl.
  3. A couple from Hong Kong came to Villa Medica for cell therapy.
    The husband was 68, his wife 28. They wanted children. Both were given cell therapy to address infertility issue. 10 months later their twins were born.
  4. An elderly patient who was paralysed on one side after a Stroke came to us.
    He, too, received cell therapy to improve his quality of life. 6 weeks later he was able to move his arm and leg on the paralysed side.
  5. A 26 year old woman, suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) came for therapy.
    Her main symptoms were unsteadiness and weakness in her legs and in both arms, and above all a loss of fine motor skills and sensitivity in arms and hands after 4 MS bouts in one year.
    She was treated with cell therapy.
    After a further therapy 6 months later her fine motor skills in both hands and arms were completely back, which meant that she could resume her job in the hotel business.
    She was given a total of 8 courses of cell therapy. Her health improved considerably, she had no further bouts of MS. She then changed her job and now works as a freelance antique furniture restorer.
  6. A 92 year old patient suffering from Macular Degeneration came to me for cell therapy.
    His sight was so impaired, that he could only move about with assistance. He could only read with the help of a magnifying glass, and that not very well.
    He wrote the following letter to me a few days after treatment:
    a bright day in Frauenfeld, the light makes walking on the pavement a little difficult.
    But I know now read the time on my watch, just as I could read the time at home on my clock which has a diameter of 10 – 15 centimetres without problems.
    I could also read the handwritten address by daylight.
    I could read the names of products in the supermarket, the writing was 5mm high, white on blue of about 1 cm and black on a yellow background without problems…
  7. A 78 year old woman from Switzerland also came for therapy for her Macular Degeneration.
    Sitting opposite me, she could only see shadows and was particularly upset about her conditions as the Swiss authorities had taken her driver’s licence from her.
    I quote the following which she wrote to me on the 20 September 2008 in a letter:
    I was questioning fate.
    On top of everything else, not being allowed to drive, the loss of my mobility. How should I go on. And I was convinced that I still saw well enough. On 12th September 2008 I had cell treatment with „eyes”.
    On Saturday, everything was still foggy, toward the evening things cleared and I went home on Sunday.
    On Wednesday, 17th September 2008 I went to my studio. I had a difficult pattern to cut. I found the work easy, I didn’t even notice that I could see better, as I thought it would take time.I left my studio at 8.30 pm, it was dark. Our neighbour is the Kieser Training Centre, an old factory. That’s where I park.
    The windows are always brightly lit, I always saw that, but today it was different… I just stood still, totally amazed. Everything was so bright, and when I looked into the rooms I could recognise gym equipment, every detail, wheels chains, the people weren’t shadows, and I saw the clocks on both walls, could read each number clearly and I understood: I can see, my God, I can see…
  8. A 17 year old Hungarian boy came to Villa Medica seeking treatment for chronic pain. He had been suffering from cramps, which could not be helped by medication, since his birth. He had cramps up to 20 times a day. He was treated with cell therapy and I recommended that he should repeat it a year later, which he did. I asked him how often he had had cramps since the first treatment and he replies “once. I was pleased to hear this and said once a day, that’s a good result to which he replied, “No, you misunderstood, once in the whole year since the treatment”,. I think the result speaks for itself.
  9. In 2006 and 2007  I treated a young boy from Bergamo in Italy. At the age of 14 months he had a high fever of inconclusive origin. Since then he had suffered from ongoing cramps. Damage to the left brain hemisphere and paralysis on the right part of the body had been diagnosed. Up till he was seven, the cramps could be contained with anticonvulsant medication, they were however no longer effective and the cramps returned. I treated him in 2006 at the age of 9 with cell therapy for the first time and repeated the treatment a year later. He has not had cramps since then.
    On 17th January 2008 he wrote me a letter from Venice:
    Guar date dove sono !!!
    Ponte di Rialto a Venezia una città meravigliosa e sono qui proprio per festeggiare una cosa meravigliosa: Un anno intero densa crisi!! Sono molto felice !!!
    La mia vita e cambiata!!!
    Ringrazio il Dottore i suoi collaboratori per questo „MIRACOLO“ !!! Grazie..
  10. I treated an emeriti professor from Bonn once a year. His last treatment was when he was over 92. He was fit and healthy, did a little sport every day and was fully compos mentis. Shortly before his last treatment he told me that he had just published his 2 volume scientific life’s work.
    Of course I congratulated him, but he said
    Don’t congratulate me, I should congratulate you, without the cell therapy I would never have been able to write those two books.

Conditions For Therapy

A Cell Therapy is only done on inpatients in Villa Medica private clinic in Edenkoben, the last to use this method in Germany.

The therapy lasts four days. The patient has to arrive a day before the therapy begins, the medical history is established, then the physical examination and the necessary laboratory tests.

If there is no contraindication, therapy begins at around 10.30 am the next day. The patient then has bed rest for the next 36 hours. The afternoon thereafter he/she can move around within the clinic and go home the next day.

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I refuse to treat outpatients, as do all other doctors in our associations. The injection of the different cell solutions are done in one. An injection takes around 2 minutes. It is wrong to inject on different days with a stay of no more than two hours, as is advertised by homeopaths, and which is not permitted.

Further Reading – Quality Articles And Cell Therapy Case Studies

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