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Case Studies: A Retrospective Arthritis Case Study 2017

Cell Therapy And Arthritis

Before we dive in this Arthritis Case Study, I would like to present to you a short introduction on Cell Therapy and mostly the benefits as observed in the treatment for Arthritis:

Alexander Gali had been developing his Arthritis Therapy from Cellular Therapy. Gali reported on this therapy at the IXth Congress for Cellular Therapy in 1982 for the first time in the talk “Experiences with intra-articularly injecting foetal tissue”

He summarised his success as follows:

The big success of this therapy is easier movement, higher resilience and an optimum improvement with impediments”.

When I took the clinic on from Dr Gali 20 years ago, I also took on the Arthritis Therapy based on Cell Therapy. Foetal cartilage and joint tissue are used for this, which is then made into a cell solution injected into or on the affected joint. In his time, Gali only treated shoulders, hips and knees.

Cell Therapy Arthritis Case Study

After I had taken over the clinic, I saw the success of the treatment and went on to treat all joints, including the spine. The excellent results led me create this Retrospective Arthritis Case Study:

7,620 patients over a 7 year period were questioned. 19,432 joints were treated, 43% of which were knees and almost 17% hips. Roughly one fifth had been given spinal injections. On top of that there were therapies on shoulders finger, toes and elbows which made up around 18% and ankles at 2%. Almost half the patients received treatment on two or more joints.

Villa Medica - Cell Therapy: A Retrospective Arthritis Case Study 2017

Cell Therapy: A Retrospective Arthritis Case Study: 7,620 patients over 7 year period – 19,432 joints were treated.

Patients were free of symptoms after between 2 and 21 days, on average 7,5 days. This lasted for around two years, only 2.82% of the treated joints did not respond to therapy, which is a total of 2.7% of the patients.

  1. One of my success stories is that of a 67 year old, obese woman. When she first came to me she was suffering from advanced arthritis in both knees and hips.
    On the X-ray you could barely see the outline of the left hip joint, which led me to ask the patient if she could move this joint at all.She could but on under great pain. I advised her to have the other three joints treated, but not her left hip, as I did not hold out hope for improvement. She however insisted on having all 4 joints treated.When she walked into my surgery a year later with a walking stick,
    I told her: So I was right about your left hip not improving.
    She just laughed and replied:
    Doctor, you have obviously forgotten that I first met you with 2 walking sticks, now I just need one. Everything has got better, my left hip, too. But I need another course of treatment on my left hip.
    I treated this patient once a year for 10 years.
  2. The clinic’s taxi driver takes part in marathons. I saw him limping in pain in the clinic one day and asked him what the problem was.
    He said that he had painful arthritis in both knees for some time now.
    I used a cartilage solution on both knees. A few days later he was no longer in pain and took part in the New York and Hawaii marathon.
  3. The same applies to my nephew who also takes part in marathons. He also suddenly developed arthritis in his knees. After treatment he could take part in the Berlin marathon a year later.

Conditions For Therapy

A Cell Therapy is only done on inpatients in Villa Medica private clinic in Edenkoben, the last to use this method in Germany.

The therapy lasts four days. The patient has to arrive a day before the therapy begins, the medical history is established, then the physical examination and the necessary laboratory tests.

If there is no contraindication, therapy begins at around 10.30 am the next day. The patient then has bed rest for the next 36 hours. The afternoon thereafter he/she can move around within the clinic and go home the next day.

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I refuse to treat outpatients, as do all other doctors in our associations. The injection of the different cell solutions are done in one.

An injection takes around 2 minutes. It is wrong to inject on different days with a stay of no more than two hours, as is advertised by homeopaths, and which is not permitted.

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