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Cell Therapy Applications And Mechanism

Cell Therapy Applications: How Does It Work?

Most known Cell Therapy applications have been observed in treating a wide range of diseases and to reverse the aging process. The use of active cell materials or tissue to rebuild and revitalize ailing or aging cells and organs is commonly believed to be the best way to treat illnesses.

The goal of Regenerative Medicine is to repair organs and tissues that are diseased or showing signs of aging. It is seldom the case that the cell treatment consists of a single type of cell type but rather a mixture of various types of cell materials. This is because it is rarely only one organ that is ailing.

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At Villa Medica our team of experienced and well-qualified physicians will determine the recommended mix and dosage to be administered through several injections.

The Cell Therapy injections are mostly multiple organ specific, low anti-genic, bio-active liquid fetal cellular suspensions that act like a regenerative trigger targeting the body’s damaged and degenerating tissues or organs. This is deemed as a significantly important approach towards optimizing health and wellness holistically.

Cell Therapy Mechanism

The live cells were primarily derived from fetal animal donors taken when the fetus is in its second trimester. During this time they have the highest amount of a particular class of proteins called signaling proteins.

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Cell Therapy is an old treatment modality which involves implantation of living cells for treatment of diseases.

The cellular material including the signaling proteins within the live cells from the donor animal, once injected into the patient, is then transported via the patient’s blood to his or her counterpart organs or tissues and signal them to begin regenerating.

Proof that this occurs was first established by German researchers in 1963, and verified again in 1995 by researchers at the University of Vienna, Austria. Later on in 1999, Nobel Medicine Prize winner Professor Gunter Blobel in Germany, substantiates it further with his discovery of the signal recognition protein that proved the cell transfer, positioning and regenerative functionality. Other studies have also established that embryonic cells and tissues have the greatest potential for stimulating growth and regeneration.

It is important to note that cell therapy should always only be administered by qualified and experienced physicians and is preceded by a medical examination to determine your suitability for undergoing cell-based therapy without the risk of infection or inflammation.

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