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Beyond Health: The Body & Mind Connection

How do we fight the inevitable?

So how do we fight the inevitable? How do we keep the ravages of time at bay, or at least delay their onset?

The answer may lie in regenerative cell therapy. The treatment works by utilising cells via intramuscular injections to stimulate intra-cellular repair mechanisms and cell rejuvenation and regeneration, thereby slowing down the natural process of aging and counteracting chronic diseases.

This holistic approach to rebuild and revitalise ailing or aging cells is commonly believed to be the best way to treat illnesses. It produces sustainable results because it harnesses the body’s own innate healing and regenerative abilities.

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Both extremes of our body-mind continuum should be well-maintain, and with cell therapy, we don’t have to submit either to the inevitability of aging.

To paraphrase what Professor Dr. Paul Niehans, the therapy’s pioneer, once said, what we should strive after is not only to give more years to our life but also to give more life to our years. Let Villa Medica help you to live the life you want.

I think therefore I am – Descartes

The most famous argument for the body-mind dualism is made in the seventeenth century by a French philosopher, though the separation of body from mind had been around since the times of ancient Greece.

According to the argument, matter can be distinguished from mind by virtue of its being measurable and having properties that interact with our senses.

The mind on the other hand is invisible, cannot be measured, and certainly cannot be seen, smelled, touched, or tasted. While body is limited by and disintegrates over time, mind is limitless and doesn’t change.

One can see how this thought may have influenced the way we see ourselves: we are not the total sum of our bodies; how we appear does not limit who we are; besides what’s outside, the visible physique, we are also constituted by what’s inside, the invisible consciousness.

From this mutually exclusive perspective, it is easy to fall into the conclusion that one part can be auxiliary or “less important” to the other, and since time’s disintegration of our bodies is unavoidable, the only logical reaction from us where our bodies are concerned is resignation to the inevitable while we are left our minds to work with for becoming who we want to be.

The Body & Mind Connection

Current theories on body-mind, however, are closing the gap between the two, conceptualising them not as entities distinct from each other but as a continuum.

This means that instead of being separate, body and mind are related to each other dynamically: a change in the body will cause an effect in the mind, and vice versa. In other words, body and mind are affecting each other in a continuous feedback loop.

Looked at this way, it makes sense that to ensure our minds functioning well, our bodies must also function at an optimal level.

Unfortunately, aging is something all our bodies undergo. Over time, the cell renewal process of our bodies falters, resulting in imperfect replacement of damaged cells by new ones.

What is a regular process that gives us our vigor in our youth halts by degree and leaves us with undesirable effects, the most prominent of which can be seen in the skin, which becomes wrinkled and loses its smoothness and elasticity.

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