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VIP Testimonial Gallery

VIP Testimonial Gallery - Michelle Rodriguez

"At Villa Medica Germany. I'm here to balance out my body with preventative therapy with techniques that have been used for 80 yrs. The chief doctor here has been focusing on this method for 30 yrs and so many friends have come to this place with ills and have left it feeling brand new. I'll keep you posted on the therapy results. Just want to share good wholistic health whenever I can." via @mrodofficial #MichelleRodriguez at Villa Medica in Edenkoben, Germany, July, 2015

VIP Testimonial Gallery - Victoria Bonya

“The results are evident as reflected by the improved color and skin quality… I used to have back pain but after yesterday’s treatment, I fell asleep and woke up with no pain! It’s difficult to believe but true!”~ Victoria Bonya, International model, TV-Radio presenter and Beauty Blogger.

VIP Testimonial Gallery - Hofit Golan

Back in my Louboutins... Thanks to the cell therapy that fixed socialite Hofit Golan's broken leg! She broke her tibia and foot in a nightclub accident in 2011. Hofit had a year of sticking to conventional treatment with limited success that led her to try out the cell therapy at Villa Medica Germany. A year on she remains pain-free and has resumed her party lifestyle. Has any doubt crept in the treatment might be harmful? ‘Never,’ she says. ‘It felt an instinctive way for the body to heal and the results I’ve had are proof of how well FCT works.’ ~ Hofit Golan, Fashion Entrepreneur, Charity Campaigner, International Model & TV Presenter

VIP Testimonial Gallery - Tata Young

Villa Medica Germany welcomes Tata Young a Thai-American singer, dancer, model and actress- also known as Asia's Queen of Pop, a symbol of energy and change in the Asian music industry. Tata and her husband spend their healthy happy honeymoon at Villa Medica Germany 2014.

VIP Testimonial Gallery - Silvio Simac

“Six months later after the Cell Therapy, I’m starting to notice the results - tennis elbow completely gone, lower back problems disappeared and my sex drive gone through the roof!” ~ Silvio Simac, World Gold Medalist in Taekwon-do, British Champion 14 times and European champion 4 times, personal trainer and celebrated actor.

VIP Testimonial Gallery - Pilita Corrales

"A bad fall from a concert performance that caused unbearable pain drove her to try cell therapy. One week after the therapy, she is back on her feet pain-free!" ~ Pilita Corrales, Philippine's pop singer-songwriter, actress, comedian and TV presenter.

VIP Testimonial Gallery - Joseph Estrada

"My friends said it is very effective. Nothing wrong in trying, so I went. I went there just wanting to keep healthy. Now I sleep better - six to seven hours. My knees are no longer a problem... my skin has been radiant like this ever since." - Joseph Estrada, Former President of the Philippines

VIP Testimonial Gallery - Jesus & Beth Dureza

"Orthodox medicine tells us that deteriorating kidneys are "irreversible". They do not regenerate. But not in the case of Beth. More than a year after her first Cell Therapy injection and four months after her second injection in Villa Medica Germany, her kidneys' functionality has considerably improved." ~ Jess G. Dureza, Former Cabinet of 2 Philippine Presidents.

VIP Testimonial Gallery - Ricky Reyes

"This Cell Therapy is the hope of the future. I am so happy that I belong in this generation where everything is possible." ~ Ricardo Reyes, a well-known Filipino hairdresser, philanthropist and businessman.