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Regenerative Medicine

The Next Generation Of Medicine

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine helps your body use its natural ability to heal and defend itself. Instead of working against your natural healing processes through invasive surgery and harmful medicines, regenerative therapy harnesses your body’s own curative powers to accelerate the healing and renewal process.

Throughout our lives our bodies continuously regenerate trillions of cells on an on-going basis. While we are young these renewal processes work well and our skin looks smooth and young and we have lots of youthful energy. Our bodies function smoothly and we feel able to take on any challenge.

Unfortunately, as we age, these renewal processes slow down and falter and our cells are not regenerated as well or as perfectly. One of the first signs of this deterioration in our cell renewal processes is seen in our skin and hair. Our skin loses its youthful elasticity and smoothness and we notice our hair is no longer as shiny and lustrous as it used to be.

Many of us show signs of aging prematurely or become ill with debilitating conditions. It is a sad fact that even with all of our technology, science cannot cure so many of the chronic and debilitating illnesses that afflict us during our lives. The best outcome that many of us can expect is some alleviation of our discomforts rather than a reversal or cure to our illnesses.

In contrast, regenerative medicine or stem cell therapy is a holistic way of treating diseases by restoring the structure and function of damaged tissues and organs. Cell therapy produces long-term positive results by imprinting fresh DNA and RNA from the donor active cells onto your old and defective cells. This regenerative process reprograms your body’s own cells to be fully functional and vigorous once again.

Regenerative cell therapy is the new frontier in medicine because it promises to heal, rather than just treat symptoms in illnesses and diseases.

This new-generation medicine encompasses:

  • Injectable cell therapies to promote healing,
  • Bio-compatible materials or small molecules to prompt tissue regeneration from within the body.

These therapies are designed to take advantage of the body’s own innate healing abilities. In a report by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, regenerative medicine was called the “next evolution of medical treatments”.