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Villa Medica Healthy Cuisine

Healthy Cuisine Through Conscious Dining

Villa Medica Healthy Cuisine

Health starts with the right balance in diet. The precept is the inspiration for our native Head Chef who, under the medical guidance of doctors and health practitioners, set himself the task of creating a balanced healthy gourmet cuisine that complements Villa Medica’s holistic treatments and programmes for our clients.

The most important part of Villa Medica’s Cuisine is its ingredients, which are sourced from organic nature and bought fresh locally. We support practices that are sustainable and compliant with the dietary guidelines prescribed for our medical treatments.

Villa Medica Cuisine is created based on over 16 years of extensive research, clinical testing and information gathered from diverse traditions such as Functional Medicine, Naturopathy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our cuisine complements the in-house treatments and programmes besides promoting your general well-being.

Our Breakfast buffet is a fusion of local and Asian traditions. The only sweetener used in our dishes is a natural produce while our cooking methods ensure that the taste and nutrients of the
ingredients used are preserved in the dishes.



Gastronomical Delight. Creative and inspired recipes drawn from diverse culinary traditions for a sensorial experience.

Fresh and Organic. Emphasis on high-quality fruits, vegetables, herbs and other ingredients.

Naturally Healthy. Preserving the natural state of the ingredients as much as possible, i.e. there are no processing, additives, preservatives, artificial flavourings, food colourings and no MSG for the preservation of taste as well as therapeutic properties.

Good Non-fat Oils. Only high-quality oils that do not contain trans-fats or saturated fats are used.

LOCAVORE Whenever Possible. High quality, fresh, healthy and whenever possible organic animal products such as eggs, chicken, turkey, and fish like salmon and mackerel. Strive to procure fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids from local fresh and Japanese sources instead of non-farmed sources.

Nutritional Grains & Fibers. Variety of ingredients such as grains and legumes.

Healthy Cooking for Healthy Meals. Cooking methods that enhance flavour and promote vibrant health, such as baking, steaming, grilling, sautéeing and stir-frying. Strictly no microwaving or deep-frying.

Less Is More. Low sugar, Low sodium and Low fats

Asian Fusion. All Thai/Asian food are cooked in flavourful authentic style within the healthy guidelines. The baseline for dishes is low chilli but ask for the desired degree of spiciness: no chilli / not spicy / spicy (Thai spicy). No MSG or sugar except palm sugar if needed.

Super Juice Me Up! Fresh juices as well as a variety of teas (organic when possible, black, oolong, green, herbal, spice) to enhance health.
Wheatgrass is also available upon request.

Healthy Temptations. A selection of fine wines and organic high-quality beers are available upon request. The wines and beers selection have health benefits and low alcohol content. Guests are allowed to have alcohol in moderation on arrival and before undergoing their treatments.

Avoid Caffeine till after the treatment! We offer decaf options for tea and coffee as an alternative to maximize treatment efficacy during your stay.