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The Medical Team

Villa Medica Germany


Medical Director

Dr. Burkhard Aschoff received his medical license from the District President in Duesseldorf in 1977 and his medical doctorate in 1987 from the University of Muenster/ Westphalia, Germany. His apprenticeships and activities included heart-thorax surgery, vascular surgery, internal medicine, orthopedics, urology and oncology as well as a multidisciplinary general and internal medicine surgery. In April 1991, he acquired the private clinic Villa Medica in Edenkoben/ Weinstrasse, Germany. Villa Medica Germany has been adhering to Professor Niehans fresh cell therapy for more than 50 years, and Dr. Aschoff himself has been practicing the therapy for over 25 years. He is also a member and the treasurer of the German Association for Fresh Cell Therapy. With his extensive niche experience in the application of fresh cell therapy ( the original method ), based on research and practical experience, he holds the distinction of being one of the few remaining doctors in Germany who can and is authorised by the Landesamt Jugend und Soziales (State Office of Youth and Social Affairs) to produce fresh/ live cells based on the amendments of the German law passed in 2010.

A respected scholar and a writer, he had his articles published over many years in numerous magazines all over Europe. For his work in the medical field as well as in society he was acknowledged and decorated with several titles on many occasions, receiving special awards and honorary citizenships. He has given speeches all over the globe.



Cell Therapy Physician

Dr. Ann-Marie Meissner, received her medical studies at the Semmelweis University Budapest and the Charitè Berlin. Having worked at the Department of Internal medicine in “Spital Walentstadt” Switzerland, she is educated and experienced in internal medicine, emergency medicine, applied kinesiology, acupuncture and mesotherapy. Dr. Meissner assumes the title of Cell Therapy Physician at Villa Medica Germany. She is respected and known for her professionalism and dedication, while her patience, meticulous and gentle nature has endeared her to many international patients and colleagues alike.



Cell Therapy Physician

Dr. Andre Morato is medically trained from Philippines, Russia and Germany. He has previous experiences in urology, vascular disease, psychosomatic medicine and integrated oncology. Apart form his mother tongue Tagalog language, he is well spoken in English, German, Russian, Spanish, Bulgarian and Italian. He has served as Villa Medica Germany’s Cell Therapy Physician since 2006, is well-regarded and respected by many patients from the Asian countries over the years. His gentle, well-mannered, meticulous, easy going and caring demeanor endeared him to many international patients and colleagues alike.