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Cell Therapy Protocol

Personalised Care Customised To Your Profile And Needs

Active Cell Therapy Protocol


Our doctors at Villa Medica provide personalised care for each and every guest staying with us based upon that person’s individual and unique needs. The process of evaluating the person’s need starts well before they arrive in Germany—with the “Pre-Arrival Assessment.”

Pre-Arrival Assessment

A prospective patient is required to have an extensive medical check-up, detoxification and immune enhancement conducted at a local clinic or hospital, ideally approximately a month before departing to Villa Medica Clinic.

In order to ensure maximum effect of the Cell Therapy, we require the following steps done to evaluate the suitability and applicability of the therapy:

  • Consultation with a duly licensed Medical Physician in the country of practice
  • Consultation must include a proper Medical History and General Physical Examination


The results of the “Pre-Arrival Assessment” are sent to Villa Medica Germany to be reviewed by our treating physicians. This process, in addition to the findings collected from the patient after they arrive at Villa Medica, provides our doctors with the necessary preliminary information to create a “personalised treatment plan” for each individual.