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Interview wit Victoria-Hofit

Interview with Victoria Bonya & Hofit Golan at Villa Medica Germany

Hear them share their experiences with cell therapy at Villa Medica Germany. An interview with Victoria Bonya, Hofit Golan and Elen at Villa Medica in Edenkoben, Germany...

Empower Your Health_web

Beyond Health: The Body & Mind Connection

I think therefore I am – Descartes The most famous argument for the body-mind dualism is made in the seventeenth century by a French philosopher, though the...

cell therpay anti aging 650x230

The Art & Science Of Anti Aging

EMPOWER YOUR HEALTH : ACHIEVING LONGEVITY AND VITALITY THROUGH OPTIMUM HEALTH A life well-lived is a life filled with vitality and purpose. This comes with setting worthwhile goals...


The New Luxury of Villa Medica

Villa Medica has undergone a 2 million Euro refurbishment and expansion to better serve our guests, and to accommodate the rapidly increasing demand.

Villa Medica Healthy Cuisine

Healthy Cuisine Dining at Villa Medica

We have our own chefs trained in German and Asian healthy cuisine to best serve you…


Travel In Style & Luxury

We have added brand new luxury limos to our fleet or transport vehicles to provide the best comfort for our guests who visit the clinic.