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Cell Therapy Facts

What Is Cell Therapy?

Fresh Cell Therapy


The human body contains over four trillion cells and regenerates itself every seven years. In healthy young individuals, the regeneration of cells occurs regularly in an energetic and balanced state. As we age, the regenerative processes are overcome by degenerative processes.

CELL THERAPY offers an opportunity to treat various degenerative diseases caused by premature cell death, malfunction of cells and the body’s failure to replace or restore them.

CELL THERAPY, also better known as Fresh Cell Therapy is a purely biological treatment using fresh cells via intramuscular injections to stimulate intra-cellular repair mechanisms and cell rejuvenation and regeneration, thereby slowing down the natural process of aging and counteracting chronic diseases. It is natural and safe. This holistic approach of using cells to rebuild and revitalise ailing or aging tissues is believed to be the best way to treat illnesses. It harnesses the body’s own innate healing and regenerative abilities.

The initial development of fresh cell therapy in 1931 by Prof. Paul Niehans was the defining discovery that spearheaded the regenerative medicine of today through fresh cell therapy. After more that 80 years of successes, the legacy now has to conform to the legislation of modern technology and legality to further evolve and enhance its application for today’s environment.