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Cell Therapy

Paul Niehans_Legacy

Cell Therapy History & Principle

The Foundation Of Cell Therapy HISTORICAL BACKGROUND The birth of modern day fresh cell therapy occurred in 1931 in Switzerland. Prof. Dr Paul Niehans (1882-1971) a Swiss...

Fresh Cell Therapy

Cell Therapy Facts

What Is Cell Therapy? CELLULAR REGENERATION THROUGH CELL THERAPY The human body contains over four trillion cells and regenerates itself every seven years. In healthy young individuals,...

FCT Application Mechanism

Cell Therapy Applications And Mechanism

How Does It Work? HOW DOES CELL THERAPY WORKS? CELL THERAPY is used to treat a wide range of diseases and to reverse the aging process. The...

Fresh Cell Therapy Benefits

Cell Therapy Benefits

How Can Cell Therapy Benefit Me? WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? Rejuvenation and regeneration are two key processes that define cell therapy. This advanced health therapy can revitalize...

Fresh Cell Therapy Indications

Cell Therapy Indications

The Conditions Best Managed With Fresh Cell Therapy - FCT is indicated for the following: Aging, diminishing vigor, exhaustion, sleeping, digestive problems, gallbladder...

DNA Cells

Cell Therapy Efficacy

Therapeutic And Regenerative Effects EXPECTED EFFICACY Cell therapy has a long and deep history. It regenerates your old and damaged cells and reinvigorates them with imprinted DNA...

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Cell Therapy Safety Standards

Natural, Safe And Effective VILLA MEDICA’S QUALITY & SAFETY STANDARDS Villa Medica’s Cell Therapy uses sheep cells harvested from a closed colony flock of Merino country sheep...

Medical Consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fresh Cell Therapy suitable for everyone? - No, there are some contraindications. The pre-injection medical check-up will screen out those who are not suitable as candidates...