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  • Improving The Quality of Life After Stroke

    The leading cause of long-term disability in the world today is caused by Stroke. According to the World Health Organization, Stroke is responsible for 6.2 million lives each year. Cellular Therapies have been showing remarkable promise in the rehabilitation of stroke patients, reversing the damage by the onslaught of a stroke episode.
  • Managing Diabetes Mellitus With Cell Therapy

    Over the years, the number of diabetic patients has been rapidly increasing with over 388 million worldwide. The prevention and management of diabetes is becoming more crucial and necessary today. Is Cell Therapy the solution?
  • Arthritis: Could Cell Therapy Be The Solution?

    Arthritis is one of the most common forms of degenerative disease. Advancement in medical sciences is giving new hope and better options. The revolutionary cell therapy has tremendous potential for treating degenerative diseases especially arthritis.
  • Beyond Health: The Body & Mind Connection

    Current theories on body-mind are closing the gap between the two, conceptualising them not as entities distinct from each other but as a continuum.
  • The Foundation Of Cell Therapy

    Today, after hundreds of thousands of Cell injections, Cell Therapy regenerates, revitalizes and often cures, even where orthodox medicine has failed.